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When a few of us met on Sunday it sounded like not everybody has seen the various prepping lists that have been going around, so I thought I'd share some resources that I thought were particularly valuable.

This one is a really nice summary of what people need to know: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vumYWoiV7NlVoc27rMQvmVkVu5cOAbnaW_RKkq2RMaQ/edit

With regard to stocking up, it recommends: "Stocking at least 1 month of nonperishable food, pet food, and other necessities, and 3 months of prescription medications."

Other basics that you should have on hand are cleaning supplies, toilet paper, sanitary supplies, and any over-the-counter medicines that you like to have around or that you think would help you feel better with flu-like symptoms.

NPR has a bunch of COVID-19 related articles including:

Finally, there are the prolific writings on the topic by my blogger friend Siderea.

Of particular interest are: Stage 1, Pt A Timeline & Pt B Food, Stage 1, Pt C: Other Household Supplies, Prep/Pandemic: Stage 2: Taking Care of Business [COVID-19, law, domest'y, work, tech, Patreon]

In 2018, Siderea wrote a long series about journalism and statistics about the 1918 flu pandemic, basically following what was known on each day, and she has been applying what she learned from that to helping people think about the evolving COVID-19 situation.

Here is Siderea's COVID-19 Table of Contents: https://siderea.dreamwidth.org/2020/03/08/pandemic-prep-toc.html

Hope this is useful,